Thalassa Suite

Price from 93.50 Night

Suite Description

Thalassa was the goddess of the sea, daughter of Aether, the god of air and light, and Hemera, the god of day.

Thalassa was the literal body of the sea and, in the fables of Aesop, manifests as a woman formed of seawater rising from her native element. Mingled with Pontus, her male counterpart, she produced the fish and all the other sea creatures. In other words, Thalassa is responsible for giving life to our seas.

Inspired by Greek mythology, each suite represents a cosmogenic moment in our Universe’s creation and evolution. Our third suite, the Thalassa suite, completes the water cycle by adding life within the bodies of water created by Oceanus.

modern facilities

Amenities and Services

Free WiFi

High speed internet
for web connection.

Smart TV

Smart televisions with high definition flat screen.

Nespresso Machine

Free of charge coffee capsules
provided in all rooms.

Balconies with View

Private balconies with wonderful views of the pine forest.

Cooking Hob

Fully equipped kitchen with
all necessary utensils.

Air Conditioning

For relaxing moments on
hot summer days.