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Lagoon Isle

Luxury Suites

All our luxury suites in Lagoon Isle are designed to offer our visitors a variety of amenities, well-combined with a beautiful view of the pine trees forest that is only a few steps from the beach.
Inspired by Greek mythology, each suite represents a cosmogenic moment in our Universe's creation and evolution. Furnished in a modern and elegant style, our suites are bright and spacious (35 sq.m.) with fully equipped kitchens, king-size beds and three-seater sofas (that can easily be converted into beds) and accommodate up to 4 people.
Built in the heart of Keramoti and as close as it can get to the beach, our suites are guaranteed to offer you the security, tranquility and convenience we all seek in our holidays.
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Luxury Experience

Why stay with us

Location, location, location! Lagoon Isle’s key location is one of its most appealing advantages. With a couple of minutes walking distance from the beach (Beach Bar Paralia) and less than five minutes walking distance from the heart of Keramoti, where all restaurants and bars are, you will never have to worry about commuting.
Combine Lagoon Isle's ideal location with our ultimate goal to create the perfect "Feel at home" experience for our guests, and get yourself the optimum vacation package.